Transformation Services

Our Transformation experts offer the following services to any organization embarking on a transformation exercise

Business Case Preparation for Transformation Projects

We will work with the client’s strategy team / Executives and prepare a complete Business Case for a change / transformation initiative and can also subsequently take responsibility of implementation through our Project Delivery services. The Business Case will address the reason for project being taken, the funding and return on investment.

The business case will normally

  1. Describe the project
  2. Tell why the project is necessary, and why it is the best solution.
  3. Outline the most important benefits of the project.
  4. Describe Return on Investment.
  5. Outline the costs and major disadvantages, if any.
  6. Summarize the most important reasons for recommending the project.
Our consultants will work with key stakeholders and will address their perceptions on envisaged business benefits

Organizational readiness assessment for large ERP / business transformation initiatives

Our experts will carry out readiness assessment of the organization, in case you are embarking on a large change /transformation initiative. Such an exercise is invaluable in ensuring that targeted benefits are realized. Often, it is lack of readiness rather than execution lapses that lead to long delays and huge cost overruns that defeat the purpose of initiating the transformation.

We can recommend required actions to bring the organization readiness to an appropriate level to reap the required return on investment from the transformation initiative.

Our assessment methodology and tools will address both:

  1. The softer issues like Identification of managers’ and employees’ motivations for change
  2. More tangible issues like readiness of business processes and availability of sanitized data.

Organization Change Management

Each project brings in a change in the organization. It is important to address the change requirements in order to reap the value from the initiative. Our organizational change management experts provide a specialist approach to manage these changes. We will carry out change assessment and gap analysis. We will identify early adopters, change agents and resistances.

Our Change Management Experts will assess the likely changes and develop a future organization design. We will understand the skill gaps and will carry out Training need analysis, recommend types and methods of training to be imparted like Learning Labs, Classroom trainings, Computer based simulations, Web lectures and web pages. We identify training group/s and quantum of training required.

We will also work on Communication need analysis, Develop a Communication Plan stating what, by whom, when and how the required communications are to be made.

Business Benefits realization and measurement

The Project sponsor, Steering committee and other key stakeholders are always concerned about achieving business benefits for which the organization embarked on the project. We will measure realization of business benefits, both tangible and intangible and can measure at every major milestone. We will also recommend mid-course corrections where required.

Tangible benefits include phasing out redundant systems, availability of manpower for redeployment, reduction of audit exposure points etc., while intangibles benefits cover equally valuable realizations such as ease of operations, individual and team morale, brand enhancement and customer delight.