Project Office Support

We provide Project office support to your projects, where our associates can help collecting information /status from various teams, collate the data and prepare communications. Our Project office staff comes with rich experience of providing such support to multiple projects. They also bring in expertise in using tools like MS Project and Prima Vera.
Similar support can be provided for other project activities like maintaining Project Accounts, Travel Management etc.

We also have well developed Templates to manage Projects. These templates are refined over a period of providing support to many projects and can also be customized, if required.

Our expert leadership monitor progress of the work as and when required. As a team, we bring in multiple domains and industries experience. When pooled our skills can resolve issues of any complexity We can increase the number of resources to meet peak requirements and optimize the availability, when requirement is less.

Our virtual office model allows us to access right skills at very reasonable costs, thus reducing the overall costs of Project Management.