Project Management Maturity Assessment

Our PM Capability Assessment services include PM maturity assessment, which measures the degree to which elements of a project management process or system are present and integrated into the organization, and ultimately affect the organization’s performance. By understanding your organization’s resources and capabilities, and mapping your strengths and weaknesses, we will identify and support actions for improving project delivery, deliver business results, and achieve strategic goals.

When maturity lags, projects take longer, teams fail to stick to the budget, and the quality of the end-product suffers

We see varying levels of Project Management Capability in our clients. Our experts have developed a comprehensive Project Management Capability Assessment that provides our clients with the necessary information to assess their current Project Management capabilities and improve them over time. Our well-trained, qualified professionals are equipped with the necessary methods, tools, knowledge and experience in delivering successful projects.

Our comprehensive checklist approach is designed to assess the PM Maturity and Capability of multiple ( 25 ) processes. We will also recommend the methods of achieving higher levels and if required, work with the clients to achieve the same.

Project Management Capability assessments are key to establishing and progressing towards best practices in Project Management.