Vendor Management

We help Clients find the right vendors and ensure that the vendors perform at their best. Our vendor Management Services include the following

Vendor Procurement

Our Project Managers come with long experience of vendor procurement process. We develop business cases for vendor need including cost/benefit analysis, market analysis and can identify vendors, if required. We own the RFP process, where we develop and manage of RFP/RFI documents, carry out contract negotiations and also work terms and conditions.
We also carry out Due diligence of vendors, prior to award of contracts

Business case development for vendor need - cost/benefit analysis, market analysis, identification of vendors

RFP process - development and management of RFP/RFI documents

Contract negotiations (term and maintenance),

Due diligence

Assessment of ongoing value delivery, competitive bidding and recommendations, contract development

Vendor Performance Management

We manage vendors / suppliers, establish metrics, create service level agreement (SLA), and follow up on compliance. We develop and implement performance assessment processes and scorecards.
We monitor service delivery quality, measure performance, set up communication and reporting. We also set future goals and parameters and recommend renewals / change in ongoing contracts / vendors

Service level agreement (SLA), establishment and metrics management, service delivery quality assurance

Development and implementation of performance assessment processes and scorecards

Performance measurement, communication and reporting
Setting of future goals and parameters
Renewals and ongoing management

Vendor Risk Management:

We assess vendors for regulatory compliance, risk remediation and monitor mitigation. We review incident and problem management, quality and compliance management to ensure that at no stage the client is subject to any service or compliance risks

Governance and regulatory compliance, risk remediation and mitigation, incident and problem management, quality and compliance management