About Us

What do we do for our clients

More and more businesses, government agencies, and private and public-sector corporations are experiencing the payoff from investing time, money and resources to create and maintain organizational project management expertise. Clearly measurable payoffs include lowering costs of execution, creating greater operational and strategic effectiveness, improving customer and stakeholder satisfaction, and creating sustained competitive advantage. Decision-makers and key stake holders of projects are not only financially invested in the optimal outcome, but emotionally and personally as well. In an increasingly unpredictable environment, with multiple sources of risk, neither you as the decision maker, nor your stakeholders, can afford to settle for less.

Who we are

The ‘Project Management Center of Excellence’ is an initiative led by seasoned project management leaders and consulting professionals, keen on working with clients for establishing a culture of excellence in project execution. With decades of experience behind us working on both sides of the table, on and off-site, and at all levels, we understand that better than most. It is our mission to make this expertise work for you too. The team has extensive experience of working in remote delivery model and virtually supporting clients all around the world. Trained to address cross cultural requirements, our teams are savvy in using digital tools and globally accepted processes The Project Management Center of Excellence provides consultancy, execution, and training in Project Management. It also sets best practices, processes, tools, research, and support to help decision- makers’ fail-proof their projects and programs.

Why Project Management CoE

- Access to large team of skilled Project Managers with experience in multiple Domains and Industries

- Access to best in the world training materials, coaches for Project Management Certifications including PMP, Agile,

- Availability of consultants for setting up PMO

- Access to team with experience of managing many projects of varied complexity

Access to mature Processes, Methods, Tools and Templates

- Faster speed to Market due increased success rate of Projects

- Options of Remote , Virtual & on site model

- Significant reduction in costs due remote / virtual delivery model and availability of skilled resources in fractional model or pay by use model

- Project office support by highly experienced professionals. Resources support multiple projects and can work on fractional or pay per use model

PMCoE is based out of Bangalore / Bengaluru, India. However, support clients in many countries